Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Abundant Morels

I don't remember morel mushrooms ever being as abundant as they are this spring.  I nearly steped on a few as I was walking Harry this morning . . . I was not looking for them at all — but there they were along our usual path through the back woods!

We've been out as a family a few times morel hunting; and the girls have gone looking with uncle Chris and neighbor Mike multiple times.  They've found over 200 morels and counting!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our Ladies

The chickens have a fence now, which has made for a much more peaceful family life.  (No chickens peeking in at us while we eat dinner; no worries about unattended dogs; no scratching around in the garlic bed).  But on some afternoons we let the ladies out to free range and explore.  They really are such friendly girls.  As Amabel said today, "I don't know how we ever lived without our birds!"  

Garden Notes: We planted 50 crowns of asparagus today.


Garden Notes

Started Under Row Cover on April 27:
Bouquet Dill
Rocket Arugula
French Breakfast Radish
Space Spinach
Evergreen Hardy White Scallion
Verte de Cambrai Mache
Resina Calendula

Started Under Row Cover on May 17:
Cheriette Radish
Krausa Parsley
Nelson Carrot
Crystal White Wax Mini-Onion
Caribe Cilantro
Sylvetta Arugula
Shin Kuroda 5-inch Carrot