Tuesday, April 1, 2014

In the Greenhouse

A wonderful way to begin April: in the greenhouse.  We are so grateful for our friend Reid, who generously lets us start seeds alongside his own on Second Spring Farm.  I have been looking forward to this day for weeks; it is such a pleasure to talk with Reid about his farm while I put my hands into the soil for the first time this year.

In my enthusiasm, I may have gone a bit overboard . . . but my hope is to have plenty of baby plants to put in our garden and to share in the coming weeks.  For the purpose of my record keeping, today we planted: 

100 Onion blocks (35 Clear Dawn; 30 Copra; 35 Redwing)  
50 Kale blocks (10 Dino; 10 Russian; 10 Dwarf; 20 Afro)
35 Broccoli blocks (15 DeCicco; 10 Arcadia; 10 Bay Meadows)
15 Brussels blocks (Gustus)
45 Celery blocks (30 Ventura; 15 Tango)
20 Chamomile blocks (Bodegold)
30 Lupine blocks (Russell Hybrids Mix)
15 Cleome blocks (White Queen)
15 Yarrow blocks (Colorado Mix)
10 Spearmint blocks
5 Licorice blocks (Glycrrhiza glabra)
5 Lemon mint blocks (Monarda Citriodora)
5 Greek Oregano blocks

That should add up to 350 soil blocks . . . a lot of dirt under my fingernails, and a deep joy on my part.  

I had two excellent helpers.  While I made the soil blocks, the girls filled them up with seeds, sprinkled an extra special soil mixture over top, and labeled everything.

Spending an afternoon in the greenhouse when the ground is still covered with three feet of snow is truly a gift.  Sharing that time with my girls makes it even better.  Thank you, Reid.

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